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Translating space, lighting, mood, color accuracy and detail enables a photographer to capture an authentic image of the property. Studio lighting adds drama, dimension, and vibrancy; even dark spaces are well-lit and finely detailed.

Light is color

  • Professional photographers are masters of light.
  • Equipment, skill, and expertise are essential components defining image quality.
  • MLS Images Photography Company delivers stunning images for your brand.

Our image is your brand.

The Buyers Guide

To Light & Composition

Photography with lights


Multiple Off-Camera Flash Real Estate Photography

Off Camera Flash

The very definition of a photographer is to work with light! With off-camera lighting they control the direction and the quality of light. Lighting enables the photographer to accurately capture the color and detail. Strategic placement of lights illuminates shadows and corrects color. Adjacent rooms are well lit and inviting. A chandelier sparkles, windows present a crisp display of the home exteriors. These are the techniques that architectural photographers use for commercial shoots and luxury magazine photography.

Working with multiple off camera lights is expensive and time consuming. On-site time increases to over an hour for a small home. Each shot requires that the photographer move the lights to best illuminate to the room and keep them out of view. There is an added layer of technology requiring experience and a significant investment in professional equipment. Advanced editing skills are required to generate composite images.

Multiple Off-Camera Flash Real Estate Photography
Multiple Off-Camera Flash Real Estate Photography

Ambient Light Photography


Single Exposure Ambient Light Photography Living Room

Single Exposure

In Real Estate Photography a single exposure lit naturally by the sun and the home's lighting provides exceptional results. On the interior, relying on existing ambient light can impact the quality of the work. The photographer may have to sacrifice image quality to capture the image with enough light.

For exterior shots the results are crisp, detailed and accurately depict the natural lighting of the home. Time of day has a dramatic impact of on the image. Deep shadow areas hiding the home occur when the sun is low in the horizon backlighting the object. Long shadows and a yellow hue on a late winter day are a distraction. A patient photographer is rewarded with a golden hour twilight just after sunset. The light pours from windows and the surrounding ambient light illuminates structure creating a dazzling display of natural light.

Single Exposure Ambient Light Photography Kitchen
Single Exposure Ambient Light Photography Master Bedroom

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range or HDR is recognizable by processing. This technique relies on post-processing digital manipulation of images taken at several exposures using only ambient light. The photographer only needs a camera and tripod. They compose and expose; it doesn’t require a lot of experience or equipment, it's an economical product, frequently out-sourced for processing overseas.

HDR has its own set of problems. Any movement between the exposures creates ghosting. Tonal inversions turn highlights grey. Tone mapping artifacts result in harsh lighting. M any Newspapers refuse HDR imagery as it can misrepresent the photographic moment. An HDR television is a great way to look at an image, but not always terrific for making a finely detail quality image.

HDR Sample
HDR Sample
HDR Sample


Comprehensive Photography Services

Still Images

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  • 36 High Quality Images
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Floor Plan Add-on

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  • Detailed Floor plan
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  • Drone, 360 Images, Twilights
  • Social Media Kit
  • Digital Twilights & Virtual Staging
  • Sky swap, grass greening, PODS removal
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Impactful Imagery

The difference between taking a photograph and making a photograph.

Professional photographers control light, not just the camera. Light shaping flashes enable us to create dramatic lighting, even when mother nature doesn't! Professional full-frame DSLR gear and studio lighting adds drama, dimension, vibrancy to the view from a window, illuminates fine details, and reduces floor glare. Skilled placement of multiple flash units creates dramatic, eye-catching results. Even dark spaces are well-lit and finely detailed. Equipment, skill, and expertise are an essential part of producing stunning images for your marketing.

We deliver the same exceptional quality images using precisely the same specialized equipment and software. Our skill, training, technique, and process increase the range of luminance, sharpness, and detail. Our experience enables us to more accurately represent the range of color and intensity occurring naturally in the home. You'll receive well composed natural looking, well lit, light and bright images.

You receive stunning images and tours processed locally by MLS Images and formatted for NETRIS MLS and printed media. We're proud of our work and take great care delivering a feature-rich quality product to you. The non-transferable Image Licensing Agreement saves you money; you can use the images as long as you like for all your marketing.

Our comprehensive services for real estate professionals, builders, commercial enterprises, home-owners, Air B&Bs, designers, and architects launches your marketing fast. We help you maximize the impact of your marketing by providing you exceptional imagery hosted on innovative technology.

We strive to provide our customers with the best photography experience from beginning to end. Our cost-effective 360° slide show product enables your marketing to stand out on the web, if you are looking for drama, consider our 360° animated tour. And our Drone product is an easy way to add a bit more dimension to your web presence.